My name is Airin Lee, and I’m a make up artist currently based in Singapore.

My love for beautiful things has led me to flipping tons of magazines, reading up online, people watching from café wherever I am. I’m inspired and drawn to the confidence and glow people exudes, the happy vibe that is in the air.

I’m incredibly blessed to have found what I’m passionate about and making someone beautiful is not just a job to me, it’s a lifestyle. It’s of knowing each individual as they are and enhancing their beauty with the best knowledge I have on hands.

With my desire to learn more and from the best, I graduated from The Make up Room, Singapore and obtained a Diploma certificate in Professional Makeup and Hair styling Artistry in 2009.

With this space, I invite and share with you a collection of my works, constant inspirations, lifestyle and perspectives and hopefully inspire others to follow their dreams. 


For more enquiries, do feel free to contact me at

Airin Lee Professional Hair and Make Up